Friday, April 16, 2010

PowerPoint presentations on iPad

Yesterday, we rolled out iPad compatible version of authorSTREAM presentation output.  Now authorSTREAM presentations can be viewed on iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices. Apple's big no to Adobe flash player on iPad and increasing mobile traffic were some of the compelling factors to make authorSTREAM iPad and mobile ready. Everyone here at authorSTREAM  worked extra hard so that your presentations can be viewed on any internet surfing device; be it computer, mobile or iPad.

All the new PowerPoint  uploads can be viewed on iPads and over time all the presentations will be iPad compatible. Animations, timing and capability of handing audio and video inserted in PowerPoint has always been strength of authorSTREAM output. For now iPad output lacks in sound and animation but we're detremine to bring that functionality soon. Down the line you will see more functionality and better user experience on iPad and mobile devices. Read more at TechCrunch or authorSTREAM blog.